Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New progress. A new mission.

So I finished… so I think I finished my two pieces I started for graduate school. I’ll go ahead and post the on my flickr for you to look at (www.flickr.com/people/stephenlursen/).

The first I have already talked about. It is called "Flesh and Spirit". You can read about it in a previous blog.

The second painting,"Flight Through the Door" has changed dramatically today after hours of painting. I am changing the title to "A Violent Escape". I repainted it and now it is more violent and dark. The reason it references an escape or a door previously, is because there is a door that the orange goes through to get out of the painting. THe door has actually been painted over with smoke and dust that was stirred up in the commotion of the battle to bet through it… To get out and escape the event in the painting itself.

I was given the idea to pick the most significant parts of each painting and do multiple pieces that are smaller, just focusing on how I can best paint that one part of the piece. That’s my next mission.
Have any thoughts on my paintings? I would love to hear them.