Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dream Adventure II. Mixed Media painting. 2013 {step by step with images}

I am really enjoying thinking about dreamy paintings, because to me, it is simply me painting my ideal colors and imagery without the obligation of justification, explanation or logic.  These paintings are fun and free from overly formal critique.

I did take a number of progress shots that I would like to share with you. The 6th work of art in this series, but the 2nd painting on canvas.  The other 4 are digital paintings created in photoshop and have already been posted in June I believe.

Step 1: Paint in a cool color background.  I used at least 6 different colors + white to achieve a nice undulating variety creating a background with depth.  As you can see in the first image there is a dark blue underneath the lighter blue towards the bottom of the canvas.

Step 2: Paint through a Chevron Stencil with Florescent pink paint from Golden brand paints. I mix white in to increase opacity and contribute to the undulating variation in appearance.

Step 3: Outline chevron paint with a black permanent marker to increase definition.

Step 4: Paint through a Diamond Stencil with florescent orange by Golden brand paints mixing with white for variation. - then outline with black marker.

Step 5: Paint through a small polka dot stencil with florescent yellow paint (on the top left quadrant of the canvas.) then turn the stencil face down on the top right and press it like a stamp to create the reverse image (on the top right quadrant). - Outline the majority of polka dots (top left) in black marker. Use the stencil itself to trace the polka dots inside the circles on the top right. I put a touch of teal paint inside the circles on the top right to disguise whether it was positive or negative space.

Step 6: Using Liquid Pearls Ruby Red dimensional paint from Ranger, I outlined all the polka dots on the top left and all the chevron still visible.

Step 7: Splatter the canvas' left side and bottom half with white paint and florescent yellow.

Step 8: Searched through library for an image of a sail boat.  I wanted an image to embed in my painting to add the sense of dreamlike imagination.  Having a recognizable image within an abstract or non-representational painting gives the viewer something to relate to and then search the painting from there upon the established foundation.

Step 9: Print out copy of image, cut it out with scissors or craft knife. Using Acrylic matt medium embed the image into the painting.

Step 10: Paint over the image of the ship to tie it into the painting.

Step 11: Using a circle template (a.k.a the bottom of a paint container) trace out a circle and paint in the moon.  Titanium White and Paynes Gray were used to create the moon. don't forget to create craters. Paint around the moon with a translucent cool color to push the design back in space creating depth (I used Golden brand Turquois [Phthalo] ).

Step 12: Paint in clouds with Titanium white and Paynes Gray.  Thin the paint with water to maintain the  translucent quality of the clouds. Don't make them flat opaque - that would flatten the image taking away depth.

Step 13: Paint the edges of the canvas and the sides of the painting with Paynes Gray to push everything back off the surface and create more depth.  This step creates a type of vignette giving it an older feeling without the literal color changes to sepia or black and white. I call this stage finished! YAY!

Dream Adventure II
Stephen Lursen
Mixed Media Painting on Canvas
16" x 16"

detail view

detail view

Monday, July 22, 2013

Newest version of my mixed media painting titled "Dream Adventure"

Dream Adventure
Mixed media and acrylic on canvas
16" x 16"

This painting is an example for my upcoming class! Check out the link below:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stephen Lursen Art Portfolio 2013

I am going on a business trip to Atlanta Monday and I need to have my portfolio printed and in hand, not to mention a number of cd's burned with the portfolio on them as well. I have finished coordinating the imagery.  I think... :) Here's a look at what I've done so far.