Friday, April 4, 2014

"Day Dreamer" New instructional painting video!

Hello! I would love to share this brand new video titled Day Dreamer with you! Using my cling stamp I designed for Donna Downey Studios, Independent Women series -Anastasia {believes}, I will show you a way you may have never thought to use it before! My focus in this painting was COLOR and lots of it. I painted a world of colorful circles bubbling up around the figure. 

In the last two videos about painting the face, I made the skin tone more complex by mixing a wide range of colors. In this video I am changing my style a bit to show another way to do it! I simplified my painting process a lot in this figure painting, all the while staying true to what we all love to do, making a beautiful painting!

One unique quality about this painting compared to others is the meditative nature of the process, you can get lost in the enjoyment of it all. If you have ever enjoyed knitting, crocheting, or anything else that take some time but becomes easy once you get the hang of it, this is the painting for us! 

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your works of art posted to my Stephen Lursen Art Facebook Wall!

Here is the trailer on DAY DREAMER:

How to paint a face II - new video!

My name is Stephen Lursen and I am excited to release my newest video on how to paint the face! This video titled Painting the face II is unique, challenging, yet very approachable because I demonstrate in detail every step of the way.

To create this painting I start off by using one of my designed cling stamps titled What do you see - large face. I am very proud of the painting, with its bright yellow grungy background and the figure's long flowing coppery colored hair. If you have ever wanted to develop your skills on painting the face and hair, then this is just the video for you! Please check out the trailer to get a sneak peak.

How to paint the face - A new video!!!

My name is Stephen Lursen and I would like to welcome you to come along on this creative journey to paint a face, hair, and abstract background.

Starting with a canvas or art journal, our new cling stamp Off in the distance, a pencil, paint brush, palette knife, a few soft pastels of your choosing, and some acrylic paint let us make a work of art to be truly proud of!

I hope that you not only watch this video and make a work of art yourself, but that you also upload an image of your new painting to my Stephen Lursen Art Facebook wall! We LOVE to see the beautiful creations made as a result of being part of our artist community. 

Duration: approx. 40 minutes.
Format: M4V (Mpeg4) - Large 960 x 540

For information on how to purchase this video, please click here

Abstract Landscape Painting Video 2014

My name is Stephen Lursen and I would love to invite you to join me as I create this abstract landscape painting from scratch.

Over 50 minutes of video has been divided into 5 parts, each about 10 minutes for easier downloading or streaming. I will take you step by step so that you can make your very own painting too! Not only do I instruct on the painting itself, but also on all the tools used in the creation of this work.

In this painting we will use pencils, heavy structure acrylic paint, fluid/soft body acrylic paint, and soft pastels to create a rich abstract environment that will be a beautiful addition to the wall of your choosing. I hope you will not only watch this 5 part video production, but paint along with it and post your images on our Donna Downey Studios facebook wall! We LOVE to see the creations that come from being part of this artist community.