Monday, July 30, 2012

Art updates July 2012

Over the last 10 days I have been able to deliver a couple paintings.  I wanted to add pictures of what the art looks like on the walls of their new homes.

The first is an oil painting on canvas of poppies.  3' x 3' x 3" deep.  Standard poppies have a dark center, but I took the liberty of brightening up the middle to make the overall image brighter.  The underpainting is a cool blue color scheme which can be seen around the edges of the flower petals.

The next painting is a framed 6' x 4' x 2" deep oil painting on acrylic, on canvas.  I usually paint the under painting in acrylic because it allows me to paint the complete image with very little drying time.  After the base image is laid down, I choose to use oil paint because it is much more forgiving thanks to its long drying time.  Another benefit of the slow drying time is that oil paint is much more easy to blend to create custom colors.  Often times when one artist looks at the work of another artist, we can almost immediately tell when colors have been mixed or used straight from the tube.

The image of a mountain scene in the fall was painted from a photograph, but the rays of light were my own personal addition.  I believe is activates the space and draws the eye to move around.  The sun is certainly in a nontraditional location as far as focal points go, but it works and I am proud of it.

My favorite part of the painting is the top section where the light is coming through the leaves.

     In the same house as the Poppy painting, two other paintings of mine hang.  When the owners saw the painting of mine which hangs in the Starbucks at East blvd. in Charlotte.  They wanted their own version.  This painting was my first attempt at painting light through branches and leaves.  Mondrian's paintings focused on the negative space (the space in-between the lines) especially in his earlier landscapes.  Seeing his work helped me to see my own in a different light.

Thank you for reading!
Stephen Lursen

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art update

Here are some of the things that I've been working on lately.

First progress report
Final painting

This is a 3'x3' oil painting on canvas. 


This abstract landscape was inspired by Brian Rutenberg.

I started this painting almost the second after I graduated. I spent much of my last year in grad school drawing black-and-white images and creating videos. I really wanted to paint again and use bright colors.  

This is an oil painting on canvas and measures 3' x 4'. 

My wife, Cara, and I created this together on a date night. I mixed the colors and Cara painted inside the circles. She loved being able to work together to make a colorful painting for our dining room.

This painting is approximately 3' x 4' acrylic on matte board.


I just finished this oil painting. It is 6' x 4'. My favorite part is the sun coming through the leaves on the top right. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on life

Hello readers,

A million apologies for the lack of updates lately! Life got extremely busy and updating the blog fell behind. Here are some instagram photos to make up for it!

I was published for the very first time in the 2012 Sanskrit Literary Arts Magazine.
This is the drawing that was selected to be published in the 2012 Sanskrit Literary Arts Magazine. 
My thesis show in April 2012 was a huge success! Many students came to see my artist's talk and my show afterwards.
My best buddy Josh Conklin came out to support my thesis show at Winthrop.
I joined a kickball team named "99 Problems but a Kick Ain't One" with my wife and her co-workers. You can clearly see that kicks are my specialty. I call this, "The Crane". 

On top of all this, I graduated with my MFA from Winthrop in May! I have spent a lot of time since then working hard on painting. I will be posting more of that in the very near future!