Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on life

Hello readers,

A million apologies for the lack of updates lately! Life got extremely busy and updating the blog fell behind. Here are some instagram photos to make up for it!

I was published for the very first time in the 2012 Sanskrit Literary Arts Magazine.
This is the drawing that was selected to be published in the 2012 Sanskrit Literary Arts Magazine. 
My thesis show in April 2012 was a huge success! Many students came to see my artist's talk and my show afterwards.
My best buddy Josh Conklin came out to support my thesis show at Winthrop.
I joined a kickball team named "99 Problems but a Kick Ain't One" with my wife and her co-workers. You can clearly see that kicks are my specialty. I call this, "The Crane". 

On top of all this, I graduated with my MFA from Winthrop in May! I have spent a lot of time since then working hard on painting. I will be posting more of that in the very near future!