Monday, June 17, 2013

People pictures... Well, the drawing and teaching of drawing... of people...

I have taught a number of people over the last month or so about how to draw people.  I made some "how to" videos which will be going on sale online @ very soon.
Here is a little gallery of the images and where they came from:

Student: Ben 
(self portrait drawing - followed by 2 paintings based on Da Vinci and Van Gogh)

Homeschool art class, Day one: How to lay out the face

Homeschool Art Class, Day two: Self portrait

Homeschool Art Class, Day three: Self Portrait in pan pastel

 Art Student Reagan, self portrait drawing lesson:

Some of my drawings of faces

Some of my paintings of faces

Adult student's painting:

Drawing/painting the face class @ Donna Downey Studios: