Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dream Adventures Series! Coming in August!

This will be a series where you can let your imagination fly.  Our studio is a place where judgment is low but expectation is high, and I want you to come with me and paint like you have always dreamed of painting.  What inspires you most? I will help you make those thoughts a reality.  The painting you will work on will be a mixed media piece, I will work with you leading you step by step, and you will be proud of your masterpiece!

Step 1: Paint an abstract colorful background.
Step 2: Layer on with a stencil or two to make the background more dynamic.
Step 3: Once you have decided your dream theme (mine was African wildlife at night) then you will cut out silhouette images of your thematic imagery.
Step 4: arrange silhouettes and collage them onto your canvas.
Possible step 5: Collage in a poem or quote to express your feelings about the painting.
Step 6: Final painting layer to tie the whole work together.

Here is my example for the series, I hope you like it!

Check our class calendar @ to see if you can make the class dates! I will schedule the first round of this class in August!

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