Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Top 12 Favorite Drawings

I am on and I frequently pin works of art I come across, onto one of any number of categories/collection boards.  About a couple months ago I started a board titled My Top 12 Favorite Drawings.  I initially pinned many more than 12 before putting on my Editor's hat and cutting some out to arrive at the predetermined number.

My hope to to show what many people already know, but my not think about.  First, that drawing takes skill just like any form of art. Second, Drawing is not merely a remedial step in the process of making real/fine/better/higher art.  Drawing is equal to painting, sculpture, print making, etc.

You may ask what my qualifications are to join my top 10 list.  To answer that, I'de have to give my priorities.  For instance, I am drawn (no pun intended) to figures, they must emote, which is to say I feel something different when I look at them.  In the case that the drawing is not of a person, then it must fit my aesthetic; which is, for lack of a more eloquent phrase, Visually complicated.

So without any further a-du, I present my personal top 12 list:

Sol LeWitt inspired wall art - abstract image with thousands of lines. Posted by Marie Plocharz
Rich, Deep, mysterious, captivating

Mario Freese: "Air Lines"
Minimal relative to the other drawings in this list, yet complex in reality. conceptual, light, atmospheric

King Jack by Christine MacTernan.
Layered, narrative, moody, character driven, text is used for texture and context

Captured time: many moments in one, consistent line weight, moody, clever, love the composition

Graphite Drawings on Behance
Beautiful drawing, minimal, commanding of attention, simple yet detailed
Portrait drawn with Tea, Vodka, Whiskey and Ink by Carne Griffiths
With this drawing/painting, I was mainly impressed with the creativity and uniqueness in the multitude of media.  The imagery is not extremely unique (though I like it), but the process is inspiring. Cubist.

Adolf von Menzel (Polish/German, 1815-1905) Portrait of Old Man (1884) pencil on paper. 8 1/2 x 5IN.
Historic, inspiring, detailed, weighty, narrative

Sign Language: Ginny Grayson
*Emotional* Minimalistic

Easter Island »  Ian Ingram
*Extremely Hyper-Realistic!*

Lee Jeffries
Dark, Haunting, realistic, weighty, Emotional, High Contrast, Serious

Patrick Palmer
Dark, Emotional, Narrative, Mysterious

"The Illusion of Control Tower" Charcoal and graphite on paper, 59" x 21.75" by Laurie Lipton

Complicated, heavily labored, narrative, clever, mysterious, deep, intellectually confrontational