Monday, October 1, 2012

World Map Series Workshop

World Map Series – Saturdays – October 27th and November 3rd, 2012.
Time: 2:30pm to 5pm.
Where: Donna Downey Studios, Huntersville, NC.
Price: $150.00
All supplies included

Concept:  Have you ever had the dream to travel the world?  Have you traveled the world already?  Would you like to chart your course on your very own hand painted world map and then get the gratification of pressing in your map pins to mark all the memories and stories from your adventures?  Paint your very own custom world map! 

Join me, Stephen Lursen, on a two class series where I will help you apply your own dreams and creative style to the production of a large scale world map.  We will stretch your hand painted canvas over corkboard so that you can pin where you want to go or where you have been!  You can own your very own fine art interactive adventure!  And to make sure your painting will have the professional appearance we all want, a frame is included!

This is for anyone who has dreams of travel, adventure, or a love for interior design and art from around the world.

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"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page" - Saint Augustine
Acrylic paint and gold pen on Canvas, stretched over cork board to allow map pins. - Stephen Lursen

"Not long ago, In a Charming Dream,
I saw myself -- a king with a crown's treasure;
I was in love with you, It seamed,
and heart was beating with a pleasure.
I sang my passion's song by your enchanting knees.
Why, dreams, you didn't prolong my happiness forever?"...

The Dream by Alexander Pushkin

Acrylic paint, gold and silver pens, on chevron fabric stretched over canvas - Stephen Lursen

"With Closed eyes,
The soft sound of breeze in the leaves,
Crackle of a fire,
Warmth of the glow.

Leaning back,
With opening eyes,
Heaven's many lights!

Reminds me of a time,
When our fingers touched,
And fusion lit a star"

Lover's Dream by Stephen Lursen

Acrylic paint, gold and silver pens, on canvas stretched over a cork board panel to allow for map pins to be added. - Stephen Lursen