Monday, October 1, 2012

Shining Whimsy

Shining Whimsy – Date: In November 2012
Time: T.B.A. (3 hour class)
Where: Donna Downey Studios
Price: $50.00
All supplies included

Paint directly from the imagination.  Taking inspiration from artists from the past, the stars in the sky, and a love of whimsy, you can create a painting all your own.

Join me, Stephen Lursen, for an evening to paint a work of art reflective of your dreams, thoughts, and feelings without the hard rules of needing to represent something really specific.  I’ll help you express the image you want to make!  What makes this unique?!? In this painting you will actually be able to install a string of lights into the back of the painting. The lights will shine through holes drilled so that the image literally has lights like stars shining. 

This type of artwork is perfect for anyone with an imagination and a passion to light up the night!  In the daytime, while the sun shines, you can hardly even tell there are lights in the painting, but when all the other lights are out, this will glow!

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"Nighttime and Dreaming"
Oil on panel with white lights inserted into the stars from the back.
20" x 36"