Monday, October 1, 2012

Paint Like a Pro: Preprinted Canvas Class

Birds, Flowers, and Cities – Select Saturdays @ Donna Downey Studios!
Time: 1pm - 4pm.
Where: Donna Downey Studios
Price: $40.00
All supplies included

When you think about your favorite things in life, can you sum them up in one image?  I can’t! When thinking about how to fill a wall in a way that really expresses who I am, I think of having a series of paintings hung like a collage on the wall.  They each relate to each other visually, but also vary to show my love of life in areas like world travel, wildlife, nature, and more!

Join me, Stephen Lursen, at Donna Downey Studios in Huntersville, NC, on select Saturdays (check the calendar @ to paint a work of art that will begin your love for painting and allow you to see the world around you in a fresh way! 

The goal of this class is to inspire you to make a whole series of paintings that are easy, make you happy, express yourself, and look good while relating to one another.  In this class I have designed a number of canvases that already have images printed on them to accelerate your painting process by taking away the fear of not knowing how to draw or what to do first.  That is already done! What you must draw from are qualities you have had all your life, like what your favorite colors are for instance.

When you reserve your spot for your class, you can pick out your image to start with from the ever growing options.  When you’re finished with your first painting in class or after, and you have a firm grasp on how it’s done, you can pick up more printed canvases from the store at Donna Downey Studios ( to complete your series installation; making your home a more vibrant expression of the life you want to see!

Here are some samples of the "birds" category.  Remember, you are going to paint over the imagery to transform it into a colorful painting of your very own!

Songbird: Preprinted version and my painted version

Songbird (another of my painted versions)

Poetic Bird: Before and After
Dowdy Owl Preprinted Version

Playful Panda (preprinted version)

Playful Panda (my painted version)

Butterfly Chase Preprinted Version

Butterfly Chase - One painted version

Contemplative Owl preprinted version


Vintage London Light

Vintage London Dark

Vintage New York City: Before and After

Vintage Paris