Saturday, September 29, 2012

Summer 2012

      I had a great summer this year! I am very excited about moving into the Fall.  The change of weather brings a fresh crispness to the air.  Before moving on though, I wanted to post some memories of this summer to let you know a little more about me and what I do when I am not painting.  I hope you enjoy!

My wife Cara and me hanging out at our friend's house.  A Sunday treat!

I work at Starbucks in Charlotte.  I have been with the company since February of 2008.  My favorite drink is my custom "Grande, 3 pump Chai, 1 pump Pumpkin, Soy, No Water, extra foam, Stirred to perfection, add chocolate sprinkles, dolce sprinkles, and pumpkin spice sprinkles, ... Chai Latte"  I'm a mad scientist at work. :)

A street lamp in Miami I found very interesting.

My family likes to play 'Settlers of Catan'! This is my Cool Brother Christian.  Happy 21st birthday soon!
Cara and I went on vacation to Miami Florida with my parents and brother Christian.  My "big splash" attempts proved to repel other resort swimmers... Hehehe... :)
The big white building is where we live.  This is a picture we took when coming home one evening this summer.

Early in the summer our friend Abby was about to have her first baby! Brittany and Cara helped with the photo shoot. 
This is Benjamin Dirk Richardson.  Isaac and Abby's beautiful first born.  Congratulations!

In only a few weeks, Benjamin is growing fast! 
Cara and I went to the Cabarrus County Fair with friends a couple weeks ago. 
I showed the trash talking fair vendor who was boss! I threw a baseball through his beer bottles and won my Lady a prized red panther! :) Fun!

My friend Josh and I at the beach just before summer came! We couldn't wait!
Brittany and Cara when we went out to dinner at the beach.

The four of us (Josh, his wife Brittany, Cara and I) went mini golfing while on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama.