Sunday, September 9, 2012

A joint 'Ad'Venture

     My beautiful wife Cara and I love spending time together.   We often enjoy finding ways to improve our home by discussing our interests, and putting our ideas into action. One of our interests in life is travel.

     Just the word 'Travel' brings joyful imaginations to mind that inspire us both to act. We know we may not be able to fly away like a bird just yet, but we can express our interests exactly where we are now... at home.

     So Cara and I were bouncing ideas back and forth with one another. I was wanting to paint a world map by hand, and she had the genius to make it interactive! I said How?

     "By stretching the canvas painting of the world map over a cork board backing, we can not only have a painting of the world map, but we can put in map pins where we have been and draw out a plan of where we want to go." (Cara)  That way anytime we get back from a new place, we can add another pin and dream all over again. Each pin represents memories of shared experiences that can never be taken away. So without any further a-du, here is what we made. :)