Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heaven's Many Lights!

This painting breaks into new territory for me.  I have been researching famous quotes and poems, all the while feeling dissatisfied with my findings.  No famous poem or writing really fit how I was feeling or what I wanted to say with this work.

So I thought...

Then I wrote a poem for myself.  From my memories, I laid a line of thought for the viewer to travel down when experiencing this work of art.

The Poem reads:

     With closed eyes
     the soft sound of breeze through the leaves
     crackle of the fire
     warmth of the glow
     leaning back
     with opening eyes
     Heaven's many lights!
     Reminds me of a time
     when our fingers touched
     and fusion lit a star.

Each line of the poem is written in gold, on gold lines connected to the compass in the top right corner.

This map is also stretched over a cork board panel so that the viewer can pin the places he or she wants to travel to or has already returned from.  There is a very small gold heart over Charlotte, NC. My home city.