Sunday, August 16, 2009

1st day at Winthrop University, intro to MFA

I arrived at around 2pm on Fri. the 14th, and I found the school to be incredibly welcoming, but far different from the fresh and new construction of UNC Charlotte I have come to know so well. There are about 7 new MFA grads starting this fall (myself included) and I have met about 6 more grads who have already begun their adventure along with the faculty as well. I know I am going to grow so much because I am one of the youngest by far and therefor the least experienced. But I am there I guess and that’s what matters.

My mind has already been racing about one idea. The most obvious benefits of going to grad school for art are 1. become a better artist and 2. increase my art value.

But from where does art value come? Or, rather, where does the art value exist? If I make the best painting ever, what makes it the best? I am not asking a retorical question, rather hoping for some type of a response. I have some idea of a list of sources of the value for a single piece of work.

Tell me which you think is most important in determining its $ value if you would be so kind.

1. Aesthetic (how pretty it is)
2. Artist’s name (who painted it)
3. Ownership (who owns the artist’s other work. Are they famous?)
4. Associations (With whom is the artist associated? Famous artist? Famous museum? Great school?)
5. Credentials (What major work has the artist accomplished? Biggest mural in the world? The Sistine Chapel?)
6. Quality of final product (Did the artist use pure gold leaf or the finest materials instead of cheaper supplies?)
7. Subject matter (Is the painting presented powerful or moving?)

I honestly would like to know. Can I get some opinions?
Most appreciatively,