Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life is good.

“Time keeps going, so I will to!” That’s what my friend said yesterday. Progress is necessary, at least for me it is anyway.

I just put up a painting (below) on a client’s wall yesterday and was filled with that satisfaction that comes from a accomplishing something really respectable. ”I’m proud!” It is actually the best painting I have finished so far in my opinion.

So now I have two more commissions to work on. Starbucks Coffee company is commissioning me to make a painting for a store in Charlotte. My aunt who is an interior designer has also gotten me a commission for a family who lives in Lake Wylie, SC. I am going to try to knock these out before school starts in a couple weeks…. We’ll see… I’ll post the preliminary sketches when they get approved.

A co-worker today also asked me to think about doing art for his band. The idea is that I make the pieces and they sell at his shows. I keep a majority and they get the rest. A kind of mutually beneficial business deal I think. I’ll definitely do the band’s art once the other two sales are out of the way.

Well I hope your day is great. Hope to talk to you soon.