Thursday, November 5, 2015

Girl's Birthday party at Donna Downey Studios

We host birthday parties at Donna Downey Studios all the time. I recently instructed a party of  creative teenage girls. The birthday girl had a passion for painting and many of the others humored her at the start. The amazing thing happened only moments after beginning, the room went quiet - keep in mind this is a party - and everyone without exception became extremely focused on her work! They all loved it and would ask questions on how to achieve a painterly effect. I walked them through the process step by step and after a couple hours, our time was up. I was very pleased with the results!

I started them out with a few Donna Downey Studios Cling stamp options. Using the stamp of their choice (Off in the distance, Windows to the soul, or What do you see) and a large ink pad, they made their mark on the canvas and the process had begun. Soon there after I demonstrated how to draw hair and shoulders. Then the painting began and I was demonstrating simple flesh tones. I am very proud of the group's positivity and focus!

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You can customize your party's art heme to whatever your interested in!