Saturday, November 7, 2015

Expecting Glory progress photos

Expecting Glory took me a total of 3 and a half years to complete. I started the painting on two panels in January of 2012 and finished the painting only a couple months ago in 2015. Clearly I'm behind on my blog posts! Hahaha But I'm working on that now to catch up!

This black and white version is how it rested from May of 2012 when I graduated from Winthrop University with my M.F.A. in painting. My thesis work was all in black and white with some of the substrate showing through. In this case, the wood grain from the panels show through the paint. My wife and I moved into our first home in April of this year (2015) and soon there after I installed shelves in one of the bed rooms which has become my art studio.

To see the finished work complete with detail shots visit the page title: "Finished painting: Expecting Glory"

For more information on purchasing this painting, click here.