Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hulk # 611

I have recently been more interested in comic book art.  I am also teaching a couple camps this summer on the subject, so I thought I would enjoy the challenge of taking on the task of making my own version of one scene in Hulk #610.  When Hulk turns into the World Breaker.

The Pros drawing the comic were the duo Paul Pelletier and Miguel Angel Munera Sancho.
The image in question is this:

Here is my drawing I made from this piece of art.

I traced a good percentage of it because I am not used to drawing Super Heros and their ridiculously oversized muscles.  I knew that if I could get the hang of it via tracing, I would graduate to drawing it from my own head. I did make some changes obviously.  Most noticeably at first are the eyes.  Mine have pupils and the Hulk is looking right at you.  I like that better.  He is more in control of his power when he can see straight. 

Then came the challenge of colorizing them with very little photoshop skills. Here are my attempts at using the Mac to paint in the color instead of using a paint brush.  I could have painted it much better and more quickly with a brush and real paints.  That will come next! 

I hope this may show you that anyone can learn the basics just be mimicking the pros!  From there you make it your own.  I'm going to paint the original by hand to get the look I want.  I don't have control over the computer like I want yet.

Check back soon for more art!

Stephen Lursen