Thursday, August 16, 2012

Before and After II

Before and After #2

I recently started a project where I painted an image from which to begin.  Millions of artists do this, so you may ask: "so what? how is this different?" It is different because I create my starting points  by collage, drawing, and painting to create an image to scan.  I scan the original at over 300 dpi to ensure high resolution printing.  Next is printing said image onto primed canvas sheets via a simple inkjet printer.

My task is to produce a product from which any would-be artist can begin.

One of my professors at Winthrop University once said "there is nothing new under the sun, there are no new art pieces that can't be related to another previous artist or category of artists.  Even if the concept is completely original, the end product, if created via traditional means (drawing, painting) on traditional substrates (canvas or panel) will ultimately fall into a category along with other artists even if it's based on general terms and qualities of art." Here's the kicker: "The only thing that makes a piece of art original is you, what you bring to it, what comes from within your heart and mind outward in your own form of expression." This is one way of explaining honesty in art.  It is what separates honest art from derivative art, where one sees someone else's art and says to one's self, "I could do something like that!"

So at first glance, you may think, What hypocrisy! You are causing every individual to begin from the same point! Thereby creating a culture of derivative art! To that I say you have missed the point entirely...

When everyone has the exact same beginnings, but no two ends are the same, my point about honest art is exemplified in their differences.  This is a lesson that encourages any beginner artist to follow their own heart in the art they create.  Furthermore, they will learn to appreciate the unique qualities that are found in their own art. Qualities which are found in no one else's.  These are the qualities that are original.

So without any further a-du here is my before and after picture for you to see where I took the beginning point.  I thought the poem in the background reminded me of a bed-time story, so I enveloped the character in a starry night.