Friday, April 23, 2010

Mark Making


"BeBop'in Buggy"
This piece is 5 feet tall by 3 feet wide on canvas. I primed the canvas and then put a thick layer of gesso (primer) on the canvas and drew into it while it was still wet. I like the effect, but it is not visible in this image.

I created this piece while listening to Jazz music. Moving with the music was really fun. I enjoyed this one a lot.

I primed a sheet of canvas about 5.5 feet tall by 3 feet wide and then proceeded to draw on it giving attention to line and the contrast that develops within a dense network of lines.
I call it “Explosion” because the fogged or painted spaces around the center looks like a fist clenching a mass made of lines. The hand is squeezing so tightly that the mass is exploding under the pressure.

This piece is the largest so far of the mark making series at 4′ wide by 7′ tall.
This piece incorporates graphite, charcoal, conte, india ink, color pencil, and sanguine on paper.

This piece entitled “Frenzy” is 2′ wide x 4′ tall.

"Arieal Dogfight in a Tornado"
This one I thought about and saw an “Aerial Dogfight in a Tornado”
What do you think?

"The Monster"
This piece I affectionately entitled: “The Monster”. Unless of course you can come up with a better name for it…