Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drawing on the wall #1

In the most recent piece, “Drawing #1″, I decided to stick to keeping it simple and just draw… Well 99% at least. Enough to keep calling this a drawing instead of a painting.

I absent mindedly started drawing like I was reading a book. Left to right methodically working away until I had reached half way. Oh, by the way, this is is a 10′ wide by 3′ tall drawing on a single piece of paper. Once it was pointed out to me that I was just drawing a landscape from left to right without much excitement or growth, I jumped over to the right side and started intentionally drawing non-representationally… to the best of my ability that is. I eventually reached a point where I had two completely different drawings on teh same piece of paper and cutting it in half would just be a cop-out. 

My first couple attempts just weren’t enough and I’m not sure that it is finished just yet.

Check it out and tell me what you think.