Monday, August 5, 2013

Diamonds and Dreamers

I recently finished these two paintings.  I really love how they turned out!  So I am adding them to my sales listing soon.  I was thinking about going back through my portfolio and adding a price to each piece currently for sale to make it easier for anyone out there to know what is available.

So after posting this, that will be my next blogpost. Thanks for checking out my most recent paintings!

Stay tuned for the sales listing if you're interested in purchasing any artwork for yourself!

Diamonds and Dreamers
(diptych - two separate paintings that hang together)
12"x12" each
Acrylic on canvas

I used Golden brand gold acrylic paint to glaze over the white and dark blue in areas.  My camera however can't translate the reflective quality of metallics.  So the gold is interpreted as a soft ochre as you see before you. The gold is reflective in person.  I hope you enjoy my art!