Friday, August 23, 2013

36"x36" Abstract Painting

I'm teaching a class at Donna Downey Studios on abstract painting and having a blast.  I put myself in the shoes of my first timers and decided to paint outside of what I have done before.
Here are some of the images in progress.  There is still one more 3 hour class to go and I have a few ideas of how I am could to finish it, but to be fair to my students (who don't have access to their paintings) I have to wait till class time to continue painting on this canvas.

This was the end of the first 3 hour class.
I spent the week dreaming up new ideas and feverishly went into action as soon as I finished setting up the class, students were at work, and I could as well.

Same Canvas. This is the end of the 2nd 3 hour class.  One more to go! WHo knows how I will change it next time, I don't! :)
I do like how Zany this painting is, with its 1980's colors and organically softened geometric shapes.
At this point, I would title this painting "Breaking Out".  But its not finished yet...