Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Top 10 Paintings

A friend of mine recently asked me to pick my top ten paintings because he was interested in learning about new and old artists that he may not be familiar with.

It was no quick task.  Lots of reminiscing and searching provided me with this list.

These are the paintings I would love to have hanging on my walls.  Everyone likes different styles, colors, artists, etc. I am also sure this list will continually change.  But for now, these are my favorites. They are in no particular order... For now.

Andrew Gifford

Angelo Franco

Arthur Rimbaud by Pedro Covo

Brian Rutenberg

Kyle Stewart

Moon and June, Shannon Stamey

Vincent Van Gogh, Cafe terrace at night

Stadia II, 2004. By: Julie Mehretu

Artist: Théophile Steinlen (1859–1923)
Title: Tournée du Chat Noir de Rodolphe Salis (Tour of Rodolphe Salis' Chat Noir)
Object type: Poster
Date: 1896
Medium: Color lithograph
Dimensions: Height: 1,359 mm (53.5 in). Width: 959 mm (37.76 in).
Matthew Davis