Monday, May 9, 2016

Printable PDFs! New way of buying fine art!

Great news! I now have a number of printable PDFs for sale from! I am most excited about this potential because it frees everyone to buy my art without need for shipping and handling and time waiting. You can buy any of my PDFs and receive them immediately available for you to print them and frame them or have them printed and framed.

Please check out my current inventory every PDF is priced based on size. 8"x10" PDFs are $5 and larger sizes like 11"x14" are $7. All files are 300 dpi.

"Starry Eyed" - A painting about a husband and wife choosing to get away so that their dreams for the future can run wild.

"Artistry I" - A painting that was produced through a collaborative effort between myself and artist Donna Downey, owner of Donna Downey Studios in Huntersville NC. For me, this girl in the painting represents the excited anticipation for the future as she allows the warmth of the sunrise to wash over her face.

"Artistry II" - The 2nd collaborative painting with Donna Downey. This woman is confident and strong no matter what she faces.

"Artistry III" - The 3rd collaborative painting with Donna Downey. This young girl is filled with curiosity and creative imagination. In daydreams her world around her flows with bright beautiful color.

"Expecting Glory"This painting is about how a person can walk through life and experience hardship and beauty and after a day is over hope rises from within expecting a glorious new day to come. The left half of the painting is a night scene and represents the past. The right half of the painting is a sunrise and represents what is to come. The tiny figure in the bottom center represents every person on an individual level. The circles rising from the figure represents hopes and dreams for the future. The longer we focus on a dream the bigger it can become and when we allow the cares of this life to distract us from our dreams, they begin to fragment and fall apart. The original painting is 7'x6' acrylic on 2 wooden panels.

"Sunset Steam" - This painting glows with the warmth of the tropics. Stephen painted it to bring a bright and bold happy feeling to viewer.

"Washed by the Light" - Day after day passed gray and flat. We didn't know the thing we lacked. Then came the day that you arrived, The Greatest Doctor had prescribed. It was an unforgettable day, and the light that shone, washed the gray away." - Stephen Lursen

"Winter Warmth" - This painting is intended to add a sparkle of festive fun to your walls throughout the winter season. Its for all the coffee and hot chocolate lovers out there who know how to savor each and every moment or for those who want a reminder to stop and enjoy each day even in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.

"Abstract Landscape V" - This painting combines the beauty within the color and texture of paint, with the mystery of an abstract landscape scene.

"Abstract Seascape I" - This painting also combines the beauty within the color and texture of paint, with the open airy quality of standing on a rocky shore looking out across the water.